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Meet Sam

Sam Jennings lives on a small farm outside Cleveland, Oklahoma with his wife Angela, and their five children Robert, Grayson, Joseph, James, and Evelyn. They range in age from 13 to 3.  His four older children all attend Cleveland Public Schools and are active in the Cross Country team, soccer, and band. 


Growing up in Weatherford, Oklahoma, Sam graduated from Weatherford High School and earned his B.A. at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Sam now teaches history at Oklahoma State University, where he also researches religion in Colonial America.


With a family that attends the local public school, Sam is eager to ensure that the future of education in the state reflects the needs of rural and underserved communities. Sam will bring energy, focus, and a new imagination to the Capitol for all of House District 35.  Together we can build a state that is truly Whole-life, Pro-worker, and Pro-local.

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