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Whole Life

After the historic Dobbs decision, Republicans in the state fumbled a great opportunity to support women faced with difficult and unplanned pregnancies, preferring instead to enact harsh and dramatic legislation. In order to build a culture that protects the lives of both women and babies, Oklahoma needs to provide the medical care and economic support necessary for them to flourish.  No mother should be left scared about how she will care for her newborn.  In order to be Pro-life, we need to be whole-life.


Like other Americans, Oklahomans have suffered from a decline in living standards, the loss of dignified and meaningful work, and a lack of economic mobility over the past few decades. While the causes of the decline may be complex, the State should take a more proactive role to prepare and support workers and their families through vocational training, support of collective bargaining rights, and workers' protection.


Republicans at the State House legislate and govern not from what they see in their local communities, but what they see on the national news. Oklahoma is not the rest of the country.  Our issues are our own.  Instead of wasting time trying to fight the national culture war here at home, good leadership in the capitol should look to fix the real life issues facing everyday Oklahomans.  Fixing bad roads, funding local schools, and scaling back preemption laws should matter more than issues not relevant to Oklahoma.

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